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Enjoy Fresh Seafood

Shop our delicious product selection below. We believe in providing the best quality, freshest selection of fish you can find. It’s what’s maintained our high-level of customer satisfaction over the years and made #1 Fish Market known as the number one place to go when you want to order fish that tastes incredible! Want more? Have a special request? Just give us a call!

(203) 624-6171

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Fresh Fish

If you’re looking for a selection of fresh fish look no further! We have the freshest, most delicious selection of fish items caught fresh daily and brought to you for superior taste and quality.

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Live Lobster & Crab

Taste the difference of live lobster and crab. If you want ultimate white meat and fresh flavor choose from our selection straight from the oceans to our tanks for your picking!

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prepared seafood items

Prepared Items

Want quick, tasty seafood platters you can serve with minimal hassle? Choose from our fresh made platters and prepared items. Complete your entree or carry out only what you need hot or cold.

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Frozen Items

We carry a large selection of frozen items for you to take home. Need seafood to stockpile in your own freezer? These frozen options are the best fish around and are backed by our reputation for providing quality seafood.

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frozen seafood items
wholesale seafood

Wholesale Seafood

We source a selection of U.S. caught fresh and frozen fish to buy wholesale. Choose from a delicious selection. We specialize in: oysters, salmon, mussels, swordfish, clams and tuna!

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